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Runcorn Wasp Nest Removal by Trained Professionals

How to Spot a Wasp Problem

Many people notice they have a wasp infestation when they spot a nest hanging from a tree or roof, or inside a hedge or shed. Others first suspect a wasp problem when they find a lot of dead wasps in the house, or notice the insects are constantly present whenever they go outside. Still others make the discovery when they investigate a strange buzzing sound from the attic or inside a wall, or venture into a storage area to retrieve a little-used item. Being stung frequently is another possible indicator of a nearby wasp nest, although the perpetrator could also be a bee or hornet.

Wasp nestWasp nests can be hard to find – they aren’t always hanging in plain sight. Wasps can also nest underground or in dense vegetation, or just in a location that is so high up it’s hard to spot the nest. Whenever a wasp problem is suspected, seeking out professional wasp control services is the safest solution.

Why Not Do-It-Yourself?

Many sources, especially Internet sites, offer DIY advice for pest control, including wasp control. Even these sources, however, often recommend calling in professional help in the case of a wasp problem due to the aggressive nature of these pests and their tendency to guard the nest and attack in a group if it is threatened. In addition, the treatment method used may depend on the species, and not everyone can reliably tell a wasp apart from a hornet.

Professional pest control experts can safely apply a wasp nest removal treatment thanks to their training and safety equipment, and they also have the knowledge to correctly identify the species and select the best treatment. Pest control experts also have the training and certification needed to handle chemicals safely and to access more effective pesticides than are available off the shelf, ensuring that any risk of accidental poisoning is removed and that the job is done effectively.

Applying a wasp nest removal treatment can be difficult and risky, but pest control experts can take away the risk and the hassle – just pick up the phone and call.

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