Pest Control Treatment for Masonry and Miner Bees in Runcorn


Masonry bees, also known as mortar bees, are solitary as they do not live in a colony. They tend to stay in individual holes found in the ground or sometimes in soft bricks, mortar joints and stones on the wall. There are more than 20 species of masonry bees in Britain, but the Red Mason Bee (Osmia Rufa) is the most common. Masonry bees need to be controlled once they start making numerous nesting holes on your wall. If left uncontrolled, a big population can threaten a building’s fabric.

masonry and miner bees in RuncornMiner bees

Just like mortar bees, miner bees are also solitary. They are also known as digger bees because they dig the ground to make burrows for their nests. When aggravated, miner bees can sting, especially when trying to defend their eggs.

Pest control treatment

Young’s pest control professionals have just the right treatment for both these bee types. With their treatment:

• The problem is solved once and for all
• All nests are removed safely

So, if you think you have a problem with masonry and miner bees in Runcorn then give us a call.

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