Runcorn Wasp Problems


Wasps typically inhabit holes in the ground, in and around the home such as in lofts, eaves and roof spaces, garden sheds, and anywhere there are cracks and crevices suitable for nesting. The best thing to do if you become aware of a nest is to leave it alone and seek a professional Runcorn wasp nest removal expect, who will safely and effectively remove the problem. While a nest begins life just the size of a small golf ball, after several months the wasps’ nest can grow to as big as a human; in severe cases, and if occupying a residential area, the nest can expand beyond the original cavity causing damage to homes and properties – comprising one Queen and up to 10,000 workers!

wasp nest removalApart from the initial sting their persistence can be of great irritation, and even present a threat to those allergic. In normal circumstances the sting of a wasp usually wears off within 24 hours, but for a minority of people the venom causes an allergic reaction leading to anaphylactic shock, which can be fatal. Attempting to tackle a wasps’ nest yourself without the aid of a professional, while also being futile – without killing the Queen they will in all likelihood return – could also anger the nest and cause them to attack.

Runcorn wasp nest removal is an easy, affordable, and effective way of safely removing the issue, and in the majority of cases requires only 1 treatment.

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